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Name: Hamish
Breed: Cockapoo
Gender: Hamish is a neutered male.
Age: 6 years old
living with children? : No.
living with other dogs? : No.
living with cats? : No.

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Hamish is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. He is a lovely dog that would make a wonderful loyal companion to a home where there are only adults and no other animals around. Hamish’s new owners must have experience of dogs, and experience of resource-guarding would be ideal. The new home must also have a garden. Sadly, flats will not suit Hamish as he will need a private garden and he likes to bark.

Since Hamish was involved in a dog attack last year, he has a returning abscess which requires regular checks and anti-inflammatory medication. The veterinary costs for this would be covered under our Food and Veterinary Treatment Fund which supports dogs we rehome with pre-existing conditions.* Unfortunately, due to the attack, Hamish can be reactive towards other dogs. He can be better once he gets to know them, but he generally is only let off the lead when there are no other dogs around. This is why his new home should not have another dog or any dogs very close by. Hamish can also be very sensitive around his wound area which should be remembered when patting him.

He is very nervous around young children he does not know and he will bark at them. As Hamish is happier around adults, his new home would ideally be an adult-only zone. Hamish resource-guards toys, especially balls which he loves. He also suffers from separation anxiety. Hamish can be left for a couple of hours and will eventually settle (he has been crate-trained), but he would really love a home where he has company for most of the day.

Hamish travels well, he loves going on adventures and gets super excited when the car stops at the destination. He does pull on the lead, which could be worked on. Hamish is okay with wearing a muzzle which he does when out in public spaces with a lot of unfamiliar dogs and people.

Hamish has his quirks, but he is friendly and very affectionate towards those he is comfortable with (adults).  He loves having company and playing chase with his toys. He really enjoys a good walk and cuddles on the couch. Hamish could be the perfect dog for someone who has a lot of time and love to give. Please apply for Hamish if you think this could be you!


*FOOD AND VETERINARY TREATMENT FUND: This fund allows DAS to cover costs of pre-existing conditions once a dog has been rehomed. This means we will cover costs for vet treatment if the dog has a condition before it comes to stay with you. In this case we will covers costs relating to Hamish’s abscesses, within reason.

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