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Name: Piper
Breed: Jack Russell
Gender: Spayed female.
Age: 3 years old
living with children? : No.
living with other dogs? : No.
living with cats? : No.

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Piper the 3 and a half year old Jack Russell is looking for a new quiet but active home through no fault of her own. Piper would love a home with a garden to run around in and ideally where the owners have experience of Terriers.

Piper is looking for a home where she can have company throughout the day and go for fun walks. She is a lovely little girl and very friendly, although sometimes she can be timid at first when meeting new people. She may bark when meeting a dog out on a walk but responds well to commands to stop and to be praised with a treat. She is driven by food and does need to lose a bit of weight but this should be no problem as Piper loves long walks. We are looking for an active home to take her on adventures.

Piper will bark if she hears an unfamiliar noise in or outside the home. She can pull on the lead when out walking but she is fairly good at walking off-lead in quiet areas. Her recall is good, especially if it is for a ball. She loves playing with her toys and her favourite is a squeaky ball. Piper loves people and she is a really cuddly dog.

Piper is a lockdown pup so still needs her confidence and manners worked on when out meeting dogs and people. She has never been left alone which is why we ask for her to have company throughout the day. She loves to look out of the window during a car ride and settles very well. She likes being brushed. She is not used to children at all which is why we think she would prefer a child-free home.

Piper does suffer from some skin irritation and that would be supported by Dog Aid Scotland as a pre-existing condition, if needed.**

Please consider applying for Piper if you have a quiet but active home you think would be perfect for her.


**FOOD AND VETERINARY TREATMENT FUND: This fund allows DAS to cover costs of pre-existing conditions once a dog has been re-homed. This means we will cover costs for vet treatment if the dog has a condition before it comes to stay with you. In this case we will covers costs relating to Piper’s skin condition, within reason.

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