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Name: Skye
Breed: German Shepherd (Working)
Gender: Female – to be spayed once settled in new home.
Age: 9 months old
Is Skye suitable to live with children? : Yes, 10 years+
Is Skye suitable to live with cats? : No.
Is Skye suitable to live with other dogs? : Yes, a well-behaved male of similar size would be ideal.

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Young Skye is looking for a new home with experience of German Shepherds. Her new owners must be interested in training Skye, have a secure garden for her to run around in, and be able to give her company most of the day. Skye would not be suitable to live in a flat.

Skye is still very excitable and jumpy when meeting people and children, but she loves getting attention from humans. She is a medium to large dog and so we would recommend for any children in her new home to be aged 10 years plus. She can bark for attention but will stop if told to. She can also bark at unfamiliar sounds but soon settles.

Skye can be protective of her owner when out on walks and barks at other dogs. Off the lead, she can play and run around with dogs but will bark when she is on the lead. Skye can pull on the lead – her lead and walking training is still in the early stages so her new home would need to continue her training.

Skye can be left alone for a few hours. She does not like the bath at home but has been to the groomers with no major issues (she was a little afraid of the dryer). Skye has had experience of kennels too and behaved very well. Skye is fine with travelling by car, but may vomit if fed a couple hours before the journey.

Skye loves playing with balls in the garden and getting attention and cuddles. She is a lovely young dog, but needs a home that can train a working line German Shepherd. Please apply if you are the home for Skye!

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