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Name: Willow
Breed: Labrador Cross
Gender: Willow is a spayed female.
Age: 5 years old
living with children? : Willow is suitable to live with children 10 years or older.
living with other dogs? : No
living with cats? : Willow has lived with a cat before but does like to chase them. She could possible live with a cat but would need careful introduction.

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Willow is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. She would love a new home in the country as she isn’t suited to the hustle and bustle of town life or living in a flat. She would also love to have her own garden to race around in. Willow is looking for a home where she will have company for most of the day as this is what she is currently used to however she is fine to be left for short periods at a time. Willow is ok in the car however needs to be coaxed in.

Willow isn’t suited to living with another dog. She unfortunately isn’t getting on with the other dog in the home. Out on walks Willow is ok with other dogs. Sometimes she wants to interact with them and other times she may bark at them. She loves to have a run around with her close pals, however her recall does need a little work. She currently lives with a cat and is ok, but she does like to chase unknown cats, so as long as the introduction is done properly and the cat has escape routes then Willow could live with a cat. Willow has never lived with children however she is happy to meet them out on walks, so we have said 10 years or older for children. Willow gets excited when visitors come to the house and will bark with excitement, however she does settle once she has been made a fuss of.

Willow loves going for long walks, especially if there is some water for her to have a wee dip in. She is very affectionate and likes to have her ears and tummy rubbed especially when she is on the sofa chilling after her walks or after a good bit of rough and tumble when playing.

Willow is a friendly girl and would love an active home where she can go out for her favourite walks to the woods and then come home to snuggle on the sofa. If you feel like you could offer this sweet girl a home then please fill in the application form.

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