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Name: Mosa
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender: Female – to be spayed once settled in new home.
Age: 3 years old
Is Mosa suitable to live with children? : Yes, 10 years+
Is Mosa suitable to live with cats? : Yes, as long as they are used to dogs.
Is Mosa suitable to live with other dogs? : No.

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Mosa is looking for a quiet new home with a secure garden and where the new owners are willing to help build up her confidence. Mosa is dog-reactive and cannot live in a flat. Her new home must have experience of dogs and be able to continue her training. Mosa is a rescue and has a docked tail from before she was rescued.

Mosa can be really excited to meet people, other times a little timid if they are strangers but she always loves attention and is very affectionate. Mosa is quite bouncy and would be suited to live with older children, from the age of 10 and up. She is very friendly with people, but not dogs. It seems as if Mosa is protective of whoever walks her. She growls, barks and will try to get free from her harness. This could be worked on with further training and our Welfare Officer could advise Mosa’s new owners through this behaviour. She cannot be walked off-lead unless in a secure field.

Mosa will bark when people pass the house and is used to having a secure garden to play in. She can also be destructive when left alone. She is fine with travelling by car, but has never been in the boot.

Mosa loves playing with toys, cuddling into you on the sofa and snoozing. She loves long walks in secluded places and enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball in a secure field. Mosa loves treats which will be useful when furthering her training.

Mosa absolutely loves people and would be your best friend, if you have room for her in your home.

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