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Dog Aid Scotland believes in responsible dog ownership. This means neutering your dog to ensure good health and prevent unwanted litters of puppies. It also means providing veterinary care when your dog requires it. Taking pet insurance will ensure peace of mind for any unexpected vet bills that may arise. Dog Aid Scotland recommends Petplan insurance as a comprehensive insurer.

Neutering Scheme

Dog Aid Scotland provides neutering vouchers for dog owners on low incomes. The voucher is used towards the cost of spaying their female dog at the local vet.
The vet simply deducts £100 for female dogs from the total bill. Please do not make arrangements with the vet until you have had notification that you have been accepted for the scheme.

Please note- The vouchers can not be used at PDSA Hospitals. This is only available in Scotland. Only one voucher can be used per dog and a maximum of 1 dog per household.

Veterinary Aid Scheme

If you find yourself with an unexpected vet bill that you are unable to cover due to being on benefits or a low income, we may be able to assist as part of our Veterinary Aid Scheme. All of the applications are assessed by our Trustees when all relevant information has been provided. We try to assist as many dogs as possible but there is no guaranteed payment with an application and payment is never given upfront. Please note this is not a substitute for insurance.

For pet insurance why not try Petplan.

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