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Registering your dog with the society for adoption

Please complete the form below attaching a minimum of two good quality photographs and copy of the dog’s vaccination card if your dog is vaccinated.
Once we have these details we will display your dog’s information on our website. Once a potential new owner has been found we will carry out a home visit to ensure they match the dog’s requirements. After roughly 2 weeks we will carry out a second visit to ensure the dog has settled in his/her new home.
You should also be aware that the Society will neuter the dog once it has settled. By signing over ownership to us we are unable to return the dog to you. However, If your dog proves to be aggressive to people once re-homed, we will have to return him/her to you, as unfortunately we do not have facilities to retrain aggressive dogs. We cannot re-home dogs who are aggressive to people.
We also please ask that you inform us immediately if you re-home your dog privately. This saves the Society from arranging unnecessary home visits.
After your dog is re-homed, you are welcome to keep in touch with the Society and we will try our best to provide updates on how he/she is settling in his/her new home.
If you would like to register your dog with the Society please return the enclosed form. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the above number if you have any queries.
Please check you have enclosed the following items:
 - Copy of the vaccination card
 - Dog registration form
Good clear quality coloured photographs of your dog. Please see the enclosed guide on how to take a suitable photo of your dog for our website. Please send a minimum of 2 photographs, however if you are able to send more photographs this would be beneficial. If we receive unsuitable photos we will be unable to put your dog onto our website until we receive suitable photos.

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