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Neutering Application

Before proceeding with the application please read the following:-


 Neutering Scheme

Thank you for contacting Dog Aid Scotland regarding the spaying of your female dog.  Please complete the application form and provide your proof of income dated within the past 2 months. If accepted Dog Aid Scotland shall pay £100 towards the cost of the procedure.

Please note that Dog Aid Scotland will only pay the value of one valid voucher per dog. There is a limit of one voucher per household.


Dog Aid Scotland reserve the right to refuse any application and acceptance is not guaranteed therefore please do not make any arrangements with your vet until you have received your voucher.


  • Unfortunately, the vouchers cannot be used at PDSA Hospitals or used along with any other Charity discount.
  • Please allow for up to 10 working days to process the voucher.
  • Please note that the voucher is only valid for 2 months.
  • Please read the terms and conditions on the back of the issued voucher before booking the dog in at the    vet. We cannot be held responsible for failure to follow our Terms and Conditions.

If the dog is already spayed before the voucher is issued we will not pay.


We require proof from your benefit agency that has your name and address on it and states which benefit it is that you receive. We will also accept a bank statement showing your name and address which clearly shows the payments for your benefits. The proof must be dated within the past 2 months and prove that you are still in receipt of payments. Please note that Dog Aid Scotland’s Neutering Scheme has strict guidelines and these cannot be deviated from.

Please check you have the following:
• Proof of income (must be the correct qualifying proof dated within the past 2 months)

You have confirmed with your vet that they will accept the voucher during payment.

Please note that if you are missing any of the above items or if you provide incorrect proof of benefits we will not process your application.

If you prefer to download an application form, please click here

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